VITEEE 2016 Entrance Exam Chemistry Sample Questions

If you are searching for the VITEEE 2016 Entrance Exams Chemistry Sample questions, just make the most of the following sample questions to practice for the upcoming VITEEE 2016 Online examination at its best.

1) Which one of the substituted benzene molecules has the largest dipole moment?
A) Phenylamine
B) Nitrobenzene
C) Methylbenzene
D) Phenol

2) The meaning of y 2 is
A) The wave function of an electron
B) The orbital in an atom
C) The probability of finding an electron in a small volume in space
D) The nodal plane in an orbital

3. A molecule is chiral because it has
A) Plane of symmetry
B) Centre of symmetry
C) Neither a plane nor a Centre of symmetry
D) Plane of rotation

4. Which atom has the same number of neutrons as55Mn?
A) 59Co
B) 51V
C) 56Fe
D) 52Cr

5) Which ion is colorless in aqueous solution?
A) [Zn(H2O)6] 2+
B) [Fe(H2O)6] 2+
C) [Co(H2O)6] 2+
D) [Cu(H2O)6] 2+

6. A sample of an ideal gas has internal energy U and is then compressed to one-half of its original volume while thetemperature remains the same. What is the new internal energy of the ideal gas in terms of U?
A) U
B) 0.5U
C) 2U
D) 4U

7. Which of the following aldehydes or ketones would react positively in the iodoform reaction?
A) Benzaldehyde
B) Butanal
C) Pentan-3-one
D) Pentan-2-one

8. The C-O bond in ethers can be cleaved by refluxing with
A) Concentrated solution of HI
B) Br2 in ethanoic acid
C) Concentrated H2SO4
D) KI + I2 solution

9. Which process is accompanied by a decrease in entropy of the materials?
A) Expansion of a gas into a vacuum
B) Solution formation
C) Crystal formation
D) Thermal equilization between two regions in thermal contact

10. Given that Λm for HCl, NaCl, and NaOAc are 426.1, 126.5, and 91.0 W-1cm2 mol-1, the value of the molar conductivity in W-1cm2 mol-1at infinite dilution for acetic acid is
A) 643.6
B) 390.6
C) 461.6

D) 208.6

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